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Duration of the process and frequency of sessions

The number of sessions depends on where you are in your process and where you would like to get or, in other words, what kind of problems you come with and what you would like to achieve.


Upon starting the work, during the first seven sessions we follow a recipe to approach the different aspects of the body from different angles that are common for everybody, like breathing (chest), support (feet and legs), the way cognitive and sensory functions manifest in the body (sides). Two sessions concentrate on the pelvis, one on shoulders and arms and one on the head.


Afterwards the work is organized according to the individual needs of each person in order to integrate all aspects of the body optimally in relationship with the gravitational field of Earth. Obviously the first seven sessions also are adapted to the individual needs of every client, but each within its particular area. Dr. Rolf who, so-to-speak, was the grandmother of DFA, used to organize the work of structural integration in ten or fifteen sessions: after the seven, three more for integration and five more as advanced work.


Since, while working with the physical body, DFA approaches subjects like the belief systems that shape the body, the emotional aspects that are held in place by habit patterns, learning to distinguish one’s own experience from unresolved issues taken over from previous generations…, it is impossible to establish a fix number of sessions beforehand. Each session in itself is complete and integrates all aspects of the body in relationship to the gravitational field of Earth in order to obtain the best possible support and freedom of movement under each individual’s circumstances.


Nonetheless, the ten or fifteen sessions of structural integration may offer a frame also for DFA as an initial or advanced initial cycle. But the recognition of somatic patterns is a learning process that is accumulative. During ten or fifteen sessions we can teach a method of work with oneself in relationship to the natural and social environment, but just like in any learning process, it is practice that leads to mastery. For many people it is indispensible to be able to count on the continual support of an experienced guide in the territories of body and mind.


Therefore, with many people we come to an agreement to meet for weekly sessions until one of the two parties or both consider that the goals set at the beginning are reached or a conclusion of the process is sought for other reasons. Once the conclusion has been proposed, we dedicate a minimum of two sessions to confirm the convenience of ending the work at this time and/or to tie up possible loose ends, so that the person will leave with the best possible support and understanding of his or her tools for their ongoing path in life.


As it is difficult to imagine the reach of this work without having experienced it, we often give a few sessions before making a commitment of continuity. However, the possibility of a continual process of weekly sessions over a period of time x and the procedure for completing it are laid out at the beginning.


There are people we work with for years, others come for a punctual intervention. Sometimes one session can give the necessary touch to get clear on a certain issue or to find an adequate orientation to continue one's path. 

Duration of the process and frequency of sessions