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Discover the treasures that are hidden in your body

Energy, light, consciousness, balance, responsiveness, free breathing motions, regeneration, deep rest, elasticity, fluid movements, conectivity, well hydrated tissues... are only a few of the treasures hidden in your body under layers and layers of tension that you can learn how to let go.

How is a session in DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition

At the beginning of each session we see how the different parts of the body relate to each other as well as to the body’s gravitational axis. Then, with the person fully dressed and lying down on a padded table, we work with these shapes with a gentle hands-on intervention which allow us to

Duration of the process and frequency of sessions

The number of sessions depends on where you are in your process and where you would like to get or, in other words, what kind of problems you come with and what you would like to achieve. Upon starting the work, during the first seven sessions we follow a recipe to approach the different aspects of the body from different angles that are common for everybody, like

How are DFA sessions different from other methods?

Lately a plethora of methods exist that approach working with a person through the body and the mind. The words they all use to describe their work are very similar, no matter how different the way it is carried out. Apart from the methods, also the people who

Release the involuntary tension you don't need

Video: Release the involuntary tension you don't need. It is not possible to release involuntary tension voluntarily, but if you pay attention to the motions of your breathing and the relationship between your body and the ground, breath by breath, you can let go the tension you don't need.

Sesiones en Cádiz - Con los pies escucha

27, 28 y 29 de abril 2018 - Con tus pies escucha. Camina y siente el suelo debajo de tus pies. Con tus pies escúchalo.

DFA sessions to let go the excess of involuntary tension

It is not possible to let go involuntary tension voluntarily. But if you learn to pay attention to the motions of your breathing and the relationship between your body and the coordinates of the gravitational field, you can gain more and more freedom of movement. The hands-on DFA intervention helps in a very specific

DFA sessions for better breathing

The typical hands-on DFA intervention accompanies and guides the movements of breathing to help the person develop the sensitivity they need in order to learn how to perceive their body. Practitioner and client work together as a team. The client discovers how to open the inner spaces of his or her body

DFA sessions to find a new balance

In periods of transitions it is necessary to adapt to a new situation. The habitual patterns often make the process of adaptation difficult. It is evident that the habitual way of functioning is no longer of service under the new circumstances but, since it is unconscious, again and again it interferes with the best of

DFA sessions to improve performance and avoid injury in sports

Habitual holding that was generated when we developed and learnt how to be in the world and move in life, are usually not accessible with physical exercise alone. As you train, you develop enough strength to override the restriction, but, underneath, a part of what you are is held back, without being able to

DFA sessions to increase the range of expression of your body in scenic arts

Through the special DFA hands-on intervention you become aware of the relationship between your body and the gravitational field of Earth. You discover how you hold your individual way of being in the world with tension, generally in a strained balance, and you learn how to let the holding go to find balance

DFA sessions to recognize the traces of historical memory in your own body

DFA sessions offer a secure and intimate space where it is possible to gain access to the traces of collective trauma in body and psyche, even in the second and third generation. As you discover collective roots in the shape of your body and your movements, you can begin to learn from them and develop

DFA sessions to find the inner compass and orient during moments of transition

DFA sessions help you find the inner compass that helps you orient your steps in life, be it to stay on course or to find a new one. Many people live in their heads, disconnected from their living presence in their bodies. In the face of demands that are unsustainable on the long run, and contaminated by toxins

DFA sessions to restore inner balance after traumatic experiences

DFA sessions offer a secure and intimate space where it is possible to restore the inner balance after a traumatic experience. If it is not restored, the organism retains a charge, both in terms of energy and chemical substances, in a great effort to not lose “control”. This effort raises the degree of involuntary tension of

DFA sessions to resolve emotional conflicts

Conflicting emotions keep you stuck without being able to move on. If you allow each of the parts some space and time, it becomes possible to clarify positions and restore the flow of sensations so that each part can open also towards the information that is important to the other parts and all together can reach an

DFA sessions to transform stress

We get stressed out when we are not able to adapt and respond to the demands of the situation we are in, for example, facing the requirements at work, or in the case of changes in your way of life, be they foreseen or not, losses, etc. As you discover the physical and psychological mechanisms

DFA sessions for optimal use of your body at the work place

The hands-on DFA intervention helps you find, moment to moment, the way to position yourself in relationship to your chair, your desk, your computer, your colleagues, your bosses, your employees, your clients and whatever there is at your work place, without ever losing your space.

Sessions to become an agent of sustainable change

Connect your body to the ground, so that you can feel how it supports your weight. In this manner you are literally a connector between the sky and the earth and you bring heaven down to earth. You contribute what only you can do, in your own way, and benefit the entire world. You become an agent of change for a sustainable society.

Private sessions while walking in the forest

While we walk among the trees and breathe together with them - you explore your habitual holding pattern - you see what it is like to move with more support, freedom