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How is a session in DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition

At the beginning of each session we see how the different parts of the body relate to each other as well as to the body’s gravitational axis. Then, with the person fully dressed and lying down on a padded table, we work with these shapes with a gentle hands-on intervention which allow us to

Recognize your primary holding pattern

The habitual holding pattern makes up the shape in which you occupy space and move with your body. It is typically yours, and determines your particular way of behaving. You created it in order to adapt to the initial conditions of your life.

Solutions for pain, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and other ailments

A poor relationship with the gravitational field of Earth may be the cause of many health issues, or it may be a consequence of ailments that follow an illness, an accident, an unrecognized emotional charge, an overload due to repetitive movements, bad posture, personal or multigenerational traumas. The workshops and private sessions in DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition offer a

Online sessions

Private sessions or in small groups while walking in the forest

While we walk among the trees and breathe together with them - you explore your habitual holding pattern - you see what it is like to move with more support, freedom