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A Breath of Fresh Air

Get some rest for your eyes and your body while you are online

DFA International

The contact information on DFA's international webpage is outdated. To contact us, please address


Brigitte Hansmann in Research Gate

DFA in US North West

DFA in the Seattle WA area


The IASI is the International Association of Structural Integrators

The Guild for Structural Integration

The Guild for Structural Integration is a group of Structural Integrators

The Ida P. Rolf Library of Structural Integration

An on-line library with articles about Structural Integration maintained by Pedro Prado


Info site for somatic practitioners by fascia researcher and Rolfer Robert Schleip, with many articles, research, hot links, and bodywork news

Yun Hwa Denomination of World Social Buddhism

The National Value Plan

The country grows when its people grow.

Assisi Institute for Archetypal Pattern Analysis

The relationship between psyche and matter, discoveries in the new sciences as well as eternal truths of the world's great wisdom traditions

The Depth Psychology Alliance

Engaging the world through soul

Todos somos turistas

Crónicas de un viajero

Cultural Tours in Barcelona

The Cultural Tours in Barcelona Tours are conducted at a slow pace, whether you decide to walk or ride in a comfortable minibus, allowing time to enjoy everything.

Institute of Science in Society

science society sustainability

Icaria Editorial

Icaria es una editorial independiente, especializada en el área de ciencias sociales y ensayo, que proporciona herramientas de reflexión a los ciudadanos y ciudadanas, y expone la elaboración de propuestas posibles con voluntad transformadora

Con los pies en el suelo

Brigitte Hansmann's first book on DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition, published by Icaria Editorial in Barcelona, 1997

Portal de inteligencia emocional

Artículos y entrevistas sobre la inteligencia emocional, recopilados por Mayte Saavedra

Projecte Boscos de Muntanya - Mountain Forest Project

The Mountain Forest Project works for the preservation of mountain forests and arranges for volunteers to participate actively. 

Ancient Tree Archives

A non-profit organization that uses traditional techniques for functional reforestation of forests and water ways

Common Welfare Economy

An economy model with future