Do you know the treasures that are hidden in your body? Discover them with DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition.

Are you in pain and want to find a way to treat it without medication? Do you suffer from stress, anguish, anxiety, depression, trauma, discomfort in general?

The starting point is your body and its relationship with the gravitational field of Earth.

Few people are aware of this relationship. With a highly specific hands-on intervention, DFA will teach you to perceive it and help you to make small adjustments in the way you move and are in your body which allow the greater force of gravity to support you. Pain is often the result of a poor relationship with the gravitational field of Earth. Even if your discomfort, stress, anguish, anxiety, depression or physical pain has other causes, with the support of gravity you will have more energy and better access to your creativity and ability to heal yourself; your responsiveness to the events of each moment will become more fluid; all this will help you to overcome difficulties, find solutions and recover your health.