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The studio for breathing, movement and structural integration offers: practical applications of the Duggan/French Approach, or DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition (, in private sessions, workshops and courses. 

The studio for breathing, movement and structural integration, ermie, addresses people who need to reorient their way of being in the world because the way they work and live is damaging their health  and/or the sense of coherence of their life... or because circumstances make it impossible to go on as before. It is for all those who want to find solutions for their pain, both physical and emotional, to have more health in body and mind, to find more fun and enjoyment in life, to use their bodies with more efficiency and joy and to reduce stress.

In addition, ermie offers its services to companies that want to promote their workers’ health and creativity, and all institutions and organizations seeking to offer health and well-being to their members and clients.