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Multigenerational Traumas - Vicious Circle or Learning Spiral

In this study I would like to illustrate some dynamics of trauma, some activities that may help to restore inner balance and others that carve the traces of trauma deeper and deeper into the body and the psyche. In order to describe them, I have chosen three dates related to collective traumatic experiences that may show what heals, what traumatizes, what eternalizes trauma in a vicious circle and how one can learn from it in order to transform it into a spiral of learning.

Multigenerational Trauma - Vicious Circle or Learning Spiral

In the context of working with someone in pain who was too far away to come for hands-on sessions, I read this study "Asi if it was a fairy tale". I recorded it and combined it with photos of nature. You can find the videos on Scroll down until you get to English.

Here are some tools to help you feel the relationship between you and your environment, between your body, the ground underneath and the space around. Once you learn to perceive this, it will help you find ways also to relate to your social environment in coherence with the way you want to be, instead of being driven by unconscious patterns:
Sensory Perception Walking

Sensory Perception Sitting on a Chair With Your Feet on the Ground

Multigenerational Traumas - Vicious Circle or Learning Spiral