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Finding your inner compass

Find a new orientation for being in the world when your present form is costing you your health and sense of inner coherence... when circumstances make it impossible to continue as before... or when you haven't found yet the direction you want to give to your life.

The frenetic rhythm of modern life, continual interaction with machines and/or substances that have a an impact on health during one’s work day, or the simple idea of contributing one’s work force in projects that reinforce an unfair and unsustainable economic model push more and more people towards wanting to find an alternative way of making a living. Others are forced to do so because they lost their job, their company went bankrupt or because their body refuses to go on as before and gets sick.

The starting point for the change has to be the place where one is. Thus it is important to become aware of the shape of the body in relationship to its environment. Participants in the workshop explore their patterns through the regular movements of living: breathing, lying, sitting, standing, walking and communicating, individually in guided sequences and explorations with a partner, in small groups and the whole group. The theoretical part provides the necessary information to understand how these patterns come into being and how they manifest in the relationship between the body and the gravitational field of Earth.

According to how you occupy your space with your body and what relationship you keep with the coordinates of the gravitational field of Earth, it supplies you with an energy that brings about a sense of elevation and ease in movement, a feeling of living in consonance with a greater force. In this manner you may discover skills and talents you did not know you had and can develop them. Literally, you are rooted in the Earth and you can feel that you belong to the whole of life. Inside yourself you discover the compass that shows you the way to go on. Poor alignment brings about a sensation of constantly running into unsurmountable obstacles and of having to confront opponents that are stronger than you without respite. It causes discomfort and, on the long run, dysfunction and disease.


The tension that is generated when you live in conflict with gravity traps the flow of sensations in repetitive patterns that interfere with your ability to perceive clearly what is really going on. Then, the tissues that make up your body are impregnated with unresolved emotional contents from the past that remain underneath the threshold of consciousness. From there they inform the view you have of yourself, life and the world and they keep you anchored in the kind of relationship you would like to change. But if you recognize them for what they are, you can orient and discover how to position yourself in relationship to whatever it is they reflect, so that you can learn from what works fine as well as from what creates discomfort.

The format of the workshop provides experiences and knowledge of added value to professional in the field of physical and psychological health, education, the arts, enterprise, sports and many others, but it does not require any prior training. One essential requirement is the willingness to develop a certain degree of sensitivity that makes it possible to perceive sensations in the body, independently of whether they are pleasant or painful, and to learn to manage their flow efficiently in order to be able to attend to the parts of oneself that are trapped in the conflict with the greater force fields of the world. The workshop provides the tools to develop this kind of sensitivity, even if participant have invested much energy in making themselves insensitive and does not know how to perceive their body.

Teacher: Brigitte Hansmann

Taller en Midline Institute

Finding your inner compass