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Become an agent of sustainable change

Connect your body to the ground, so that you can feel how it supports your weight. As a result of the gravitational force, your weight drops to the ground inevitably, however, an excess of involuntary tension of your muscles prevents you from being able to really rest in the natural world you are a part of.

If you learn to perceive the relationship between your body and the ground, you will be able to find moment to moment the best way to be and move with support and freedom. You will be able to feel the relationship between the open spaces inside your body and the open space around you. You will be able to rest within the very depth of what you are as a living being and to expand it into dimensions you would never have imagined.

In this manner you are literally a connector between the sky and the earth and you bring heaven down to earth. You contribute what only you can do, in your own way, and benefit the entire world. You become an agent of change for a sustainable society. 

Like this you learn how to take care of your health. At the same time, without aiming to do so, you also take care of the health of nature and society.

Only the truth will do. When the truth is spoken, the body relaxes. It is not about owning the truth, but about knowing how to look for it and find it, moment to moment. Things drop by their own weight.

Become an agent of sustainable change